Shane Gives Thanks, Inc.
Food Pantry

"No one should go without"

Shane Gives Thanks Inc was started in 2014 by then 7 year old Shane. After seeing a commercial about starving children all over the world, Shane had questions... why? how come? does this happen in our own town?   The answer his parents gave was yes. This saddened Shane and he decided to make a difference in his own community. "No one should go without" Shane Gives Thanks Inc is a registered 501(c)3 organization.
Approaching his parents with a plan, he wanted to make sure everyone has a plentiful thanksgiving, as that is one of Shane's favorite holidays. But his first plan didn't quite work out... We just couldn't take everyone to Grandma's house.... Shane with the help of his Mom and Dad contacted their local church and food pantry. This is where Shane Gives Thanks started. 
Unable (due to confidentiality) to know the families he is giving too, Shane looked at it as "Secret Santa" and was just happy to know that he was helping his own community. All of his boxes are donated to 501(c)3 organizations that are local to us through their outreach programs. We are provided a number at each facility that are in need of boxes (example the food pantry needs 20 boxes) He made an original goal of 25 thanksgiving boxes to fill. And he began asking the community for donations. Each box would contain a Turkey, all the fixings, pans, foil, juices and items for the days after. Once local businesses heard about his mission, they wanted to help as well. Shane raised his goal to 50 thanksgiving boxes. Which caught the attention of WCVB Channel 5 Boston and our local newspaper. Shane successfully filled 68 Thanksgiving Boxes, each donated to the food pantry, church and our local homeless shelter. 
After Thanksgiving, Shane was still thinking about the families around town. What happened if they had to move to the Shelter and Santa couldn't find them? Could he help again? Receiving a special note from Santa, asking if Shane could help, Shane not only adopted for the holidays families in town, but he also adopted the full family shelter. Providing 32 Shelter kids presents, but 12 children right here in his own town! 
Providing the families with the necessities first for the cold Massachusetts weather, Hats, Coats, Mittens and boots were Shane's first priority! Then toys, games, puzzles and books! 
When 2015 rolled in, so did Shane's 8th birthday. Approaching his parents again, but focusing solely on Thanksgiving this year, Shane came up with the number of 170. His parents curious of why that number? Shane replied "That's 102 more families that have a meal." 
2015 Shane Successfully filled 86 Thanksgiving Boxes!
Shane has year to date filled 209 Thanksgiving boxes to those in need in his community.