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Besides Holidays, Birthday's can be extremely stressful for many parents while using the pantry. 

Our food pantry loves birthdays and would like to take the stress off from you.

When registered at our food pantry, please tell us if you have any children under the age of 12 with a birthday coming up.

The Child must live with you full time and must be registered with your family.

Our special birthday cake fairy (Sugar Momma's Sweet Treats by Monica) then receives a wish for us for a birthday cupcakes or cake!

The pantry needs to know, Age, first name, theme, and whether they like chocolate or vanilla.

Sugar Momma's Sweet Treats by Monica then receives the order from the pantry and cake/cupcakes are provided to you free of charge for your pick up at the Pantry.

Birthday cake/cupcake orders MUST be placed at the Pantry to receive this offer.

Cake/Cupcake orders placed by pantry users directly to Sugar Momma's Sweet Treats by Monica for pantry guests will not be honored at the pantry rate.

Coming January 2018, Our birthday program will offer 1 gift for your child's birthday from our stock.

No gift cards, cash or toys with a value over $20 are given through our program.

Please remember you have to be a registered pantry user to receive these benefits.

Look at some of the Sweet Treats that have already been made! 

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