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Celebrating 8 years of feeding children! 

In 2016 Shane had a question.. What happens to the students at his school when lunch isn't served? Do they go without?


Many students and families rely on the free and reduced lunch program available at their local school for a meal. Whether breakfast or lunch those programs give students a healthy meal to eat. But when schools not in session what do they eat? Do they skip that all important meal?


Peyton Pack Program offers students at Carver and Rockland Elementary meals for the weekend.

The students Receive:

2 Breakfast items

2 lunch Items

8 Snacks

2 Juice/milk option

Vegetable and Fruit (fresh when available)





These Peyton Packs are funded by donations made to the Shane Gives Thanks Food Pantry! Each pack has an approximate cost of $9 per student per weekend.


Imagine, just $9 you could provide a child a meal to help them focus when they return to school that Monday.


Hunger can affect, learning development, grades, attention, and attitude. The pain of hunger itself is enough of a distraction, that sending a child a Peyton Pack Returns to school on Monday, Alert and Ready to learn!


Most common items asked for by Peyton Pack Students. Pudding packs, canned speghetti, kid friendly indvidual snacks, cereals. 

Thank you Entergy!

Peyton Packs was awarded the 2018 Grant for Community Programs from Entergy! 

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