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"Get flocked” fundraiser in Carver 
Is beginning again! Please Watch for more info soon! 

During these unprecedented times… Fundraising for the Shane gives thanks food pantry will be taking a socially distant approach this year. While we look forward to resuming normal fundraising efforts with our free family friendly events – our priority is keeping our community safe and healthy.

Due to the increased uncertainty of the Covid pandemic, our pantry has continued to provide families assurance that if they need food assistance our doors will remain open. However, now more than ever, we need your help! Food insecurity is an increased reality that many new families are facing .. and for that reason we want to spread awareness that no one should go hungry and those families are not alone.

Our pantry is run on donation only. While we are grateful for every donation made, we must continue fundraising efforts to keep our shelves full.we hope we can count on your support with our new “gets flocked fundraiser”.

September is the start of national hunger awareness month so our first flock will take place then… Will you be the first family to get flocked in support of the Shane gives thanks food pantry?

1. Simply make a $20 donation to the Shane gives thanks food pantry for the “get flocked campaign” (donate below)

2. Provide the address of a family that you would like to flock ( carver only ) in the "instruction" section

3. A volunteer will flock their front yard with bright colored birds along with a sign we’ve been flocked in support of the SGT food pantry.

4. A flyer will be left for the family to inform them of the generous donation that was made (You can remain anonymous please indicate when donation is made) and how they can pay it forward by making a donation to the pantry and expedite getting the flock off their front yard. A volunteer will then come back out, remove the flock, and help them migrate to the next family.

5. Families are encouraged to take a picture of the flock and post it on social media or on our Facebook page with the tag “we’ve been flocked in support of the Shane gives thanks food pantry“.

As always thanks to everyone who continues to support our mission! And special thanks to the many wonderful volunteers that work tirelessly for our community!

Thank you for supporting the food pantry and our flocking fundraiser! 

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